Retired Greyhound Wins TWO Categories At Crufts!


22 March 2024

A star of the greyhound track who competed at the sport’s highest level is winning hearts in the world of showing, and scooped two prestigious awards at international dog show Crufts.

Retired greyhound Ed won the Racing and Coursing Greyhounds class before doubling up by landing the Good Citizen category for proud owner Anne Ball.

It was a case of third time lucky for Ed – who lives with Anne on the Isle of Sheppey – after he finished second in the Racing and Coursing class two years ago and outside the top three in 2023.

The six-year-old black dog has become a regular on the showing circuit following an impressive career on the track where he won six races for Harvel-based trainer Tony Collett, whose partner Cheryl has operated a homing centre since 1975.

She estimates 5,000 retired greyhounds have found their forever home through Greyhound Trust Harvel in the 49 years she’s managed the centre. But Ed is the first to win a class at one of the world’s most famous dog shows.

“Anne has homed retired greyhounds from me for many years and has provided a wonderful life for all of them,” said Cheryl. “She volunteers at our centre and was in search of a new four-legged friend a couple of years ago.

“We matched her up with Ed, who is a beautiful black dog with a wonderful temperament and appropriate for competing in shows, which Anne was keen to do.

“Winning the Racing and Coursing Greyhound category is a huge achievement – and to scoop the Good Citizen prize for his obedience qualities is even better.

“We put a lot of thought into matching the right greyhounds up with interested owners so they can have the best life in retirement. To see Ed performing so well off the track after being a star on it is amazing to see and we’re very proud of him and Anne for her efforts.”

Cheryl’s love for greyhounds started in 1971 when she paraded dogs before their races at the now closed Catford Stadium.

She quickly transferred to the sport’s rehoming arm though, with Greyhound Trust Harvel now a Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) approved homing centre. It means Cheryl’s work is supported by the GBGB’s Greyhound Retirement Scheme, which helps with the costs associated with a greyhound’s retirement.

Since its launch in 2020, the GBGB has paid out almost £3million to support its network of approved homing centres.

Cheryl hopes her work can inspire more families interested in owning a dog to consider homing a retired greyhound.

“They make the most wonderful pets,” said Cheryl. “But their requirements are highly misunderstood by many people which is what we’re trying to change.

“Because we see them racing on track, most people we meet assume they require lots of exercise. The reality is greyhounds are incredibly laid back with most dogs requiring only two short walks each day and sleeping for up to 20 hours – although they’re all different.

“Greyhounds are very gentle and loving, and are fantastic with children. We have space for 40 greyhounds at any time, so anyone wishing to learn more we’d encourage to get in touch and organise a visit.”

Further information about Greyhound Trust Harvel – Croftview Kennels is available by calling the team direct on 01474 815273 or email The centre also has a Facebook page.

Visits can be organised seven days a week between 11am and 4pm. Once a suitable greyhound has been identified, home checks and ownership forms must be completed.

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